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Fresh from the lavender fields, The Linen Closet gives you a dozen fragrant lavender soaps in an antique patterned dispenser.

The Linen Closet Soap Dispensers are perfect. Put out fresh clean soaps each week. Delight guests with their own personal soaps. Travel in style - pack Linen Closet soaps for your next trip.

Each lavender soap is fresh blooming and infused with lavender softness. The trim home dispenser adds a handsome addition to any linen closet.

Made in America 100%


Box of 12: $13.00

Individually: $1.39 each

Item Number: KSC-1100

Maria Evora Carob Mineral Body Moist

The balmy aura of the sea graces this opulent créme. Resilient and silky, offering rebounding softness for all skin types. Immersed in aloe vera leaf juice and shea butter, use this sumptuous body moist for a lavishly fragrant body.

8 oz: $20.50 each

Item Number: KSC-2745

Maria Evora Carob-Mineral Single Bar

Foamy, white lather, reminiscent of breezy seasurf, is the exfoliating feature of this bejeweled black bar. A sure curative for skin in need of a shine...like a day at the sea.

175 grams of beauty: $7.99 each

Item Number: KSC-2735

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