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Robert's Borotalco Powder

Since the late 1800's, when Signore Manetti and a Mr. Roberts of England joined to create skin care in their Florence farmacia, Borotalco has been a tradition in the homes of Italy ever since. Borotalco powder, such a superior powder. It is one of Italy's top selling personal care products. It has a silky feel and a fine delicate fragrance that will keep you fresh all day. Enhance your sleeping experience with a dusting of Borotalco on the bed sheets. This size great for travel. Such a sweet gift, a petite box of French lilac soaps. A simple, yet graceful offering so aromatic and pleasing everyone says "Oh! Thank you so much, what a charming gift!"

100g shaker: $8.50 

Item Number: KSC-907

Lightfoot’s Soap

At one time only available in private clubs, Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Soap is now the soap of choice for the discerning gentleman or lady at home. With pine forest fragrance this soap is the perfect skin freshener after any athletic activity or sport.

5.8 oz bar: $6.99

Item Number: KSC-401 

Luxo Banho Lemon Balm Bathing Oval

This tangy lemon balm oval is clean and refreshing. A ""wake up call"" that will leave you shining. Hand wrapped.

6 oz bar:  $5.99 

Item Number: KSC-7

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