1502 NE 179th Street

Shoreline, WA 98155


Flowers: Sympathy & Funeral

Wreaths, Sprays, Floor Standing Arrangements, and Large Baskets

Sometimes, flowers can say it all.

Please note: Similar flower/foliage color and/or style substitutions will be made depending on season and inventory availability.

Please call us ask us for available flowers and for pricing

Rose Remembrance Arrangement

Starting at $130 (Pictured $140)

Tribute Arrangement

Starting at $150 (Pictured $150)

Seasonal Mixed Flower Basket

Starting at $90 (Pictured $100)

Premium Basket

Starting at $160 (Pictured $170)

Pastel Urn Arrangement

Starting at $150 (Pictured $150)

Pastel Floor Standing Arrangement

Starting at $180 (Pictured $180)


Rose Spray

Starting at $150 (Pictured $160)

Rose, Chrysanthemums, and Seasonal Mixed Flower Spray

Starting at $130 (Pictured $140)

Rose and Daisy Spray

Starting at 150 (Pictured $160)

Premium Rose Elegance Spray

Starting at $300 (Pictured $350)

Open Heart-Shaped Rose Wreath

Starting at $300 (Pictured $300)

Heart-Shaped Easel Arrangement

Starting at $250 (Pictured $300)

Fall Roses, Lilies, & Seasonal Mixed Flower Spray

Starting at $175 (Pictured $190)

(Also available in all-white or a bright-color mix)

Rose & Seasonal Mixed Floral Wreath

Starting at $175 (Pictured $185)

A-Symmetrical Seasonal Mixed Flower Spray with

Rose, Calla Lilies, & Orchids

Starting at $250 (Pictured $250)

(Also available in a bright-color mix)

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