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Elegant Spa Products

Fresh from the lavender fields, The Linen Closet gives you a dozen fragrant lavender soaps in an antique patterned dispenser.

The Linen Closet Soap Dispensers are perfect. Put out fresh clean soaps each week. Delight guests with their own personal soaps. Travel in style - pack Linen Closet soaps for your next trip.

Each lavender soap is fresh blooming and infused with lavender softness. The trim home dispenser adds a handsome addition to any linen closet.

Made in America 100%


Box of 12: $13.00

Individually: $1.39 each

Item Number: KSC-1100


tatement Soaps

9 ounces / 250 grams

Made in America

$9.49 each


PEACEBubble up some love and wash away hate - shower with the Peace Soap - it will make you feel great!

"Fresh" mint and herbal natural scent.  Made with organic aloe vera juice.

"Peace" is good for all skin types.

Item Number: KSC-2009

SAVE WATER Conserve precious clean water, learn all the ways.  Showering with a friend is only one - and certainly the most fun!

Use the sugared grapfruit "Save Water Conservation Soap" as a friendly reminder everyday.  Made with organic aloe vera juice.

(Great idea - keep empty box in kitchen/bathroom as a "save water" reminder!)

Item Number: KSC-2008


Change your skies to blue with plenty of sunshine waiting for you. MAKE A PERFECT DAY! Shower with the JOY SOAP then go outside and play! Vetiver essential oil, known to soothe, is the JOY SOAP fragrance. Due to its sedative properties, in India Vetiver is known as the "Oil of Tranquility". Made with organic aloe vera juice.

Item Number: KSC-2012

FAITH  FAITH! It's A Beautiful Thing. REALLY!

Made from aromatic elemi oil, an herbal medicine for the skin, French bitter orange oil, ginger, cedar wood, and galbanum (used for making perfume for the Tabernacle: Book of Exodus 30:34) the FAITH SOAP's heavenly fragrance and softness will make your skin feel DIVINE! Made with organic aloe vera juice.

Item Number: KSC-2013

Facial Soaps


Sunflower Soap

SWEDISH DREAM SUNFLOWER FACIAL SOAPS are made from a Swedish formula of sunflower oil andevening primrose oil.  The extract from sunflower seeds is a rich emollient high in essential fatty acids. Combined with evening primrose oil, a rare super-emollient skin nutrient.

SUNFLOWER FACIAL SOAP is extremely beneficial in the daily cleansing of very dry or aged
facial skin.


4, 50 gram Bars: $14.49 

Item Number: KSC-500

Egg white & Chamomile Flower

6 Bar Gift Set

Fresh from the Belgian countryside and used by European women for centuries, Belgian Eggwhite Facial Soaps are produced with pure eggwhite, chamomile, and lecithin.  When pressed, Chamomile flowers (anthemis nobilis) create a totally natural softening agent used since ancient times for calming and conditioning the skin.  The oil's soothing and hydrating properties combined with the protein-rich power of fresh eggwhites maintains a clear, glowing complexion with daily use

6, 1.8 oz./52 gr. bars$ 21.99

Item Number: KSC-540


The Petite, Petite Blanc Lila

4-bar set

Such a sweet gift, a petite box of French lilac soaps. A simple, yet graceful offering so aromatic and pleasing everyone says "Oh! Thank you so much, what a charming gift!"

4, 50 gram Bars: $11.99 

Item Number: KSC-719

Robert's Borotalco Powder

Since the late 1800's, when Signore Manetti and a Mr. Roberts of England joined to create skin care in their Florence farmacia, Borotalco has been a tradition in the homes of Italy ever since. Borotalco powder, such a superior powder. It is one of Italy's top selling personal care products. It has a silky feel and a fine delicate fragrance that will keep you fresh all day. Enhance your sleeping experience with a dusting of Borotalco on the bed sheets. This size great for travel. Such a sweet gift, a petite box of French lilac soaps. A simple, yet graceful offering so aromatic and pleasing everyone says "Oh! Thank you so much, what a charming gift!"

100g shaker: $8.50 

Item Number: KSC-907

Lightfoot’s Soap

At one time only available in private clubs, Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Soap is now the soap of choice for the discerning gentleman or lady at home. With pine forest fragrance this soap is the perfect skin freshener after any athletic activity or sport.

5.8 oz bar$6.99

Item Number: KSC-401 

Luxo Banho Lemon Balm Bathing Oval

This tangy lemon balm oval is clean and refreshing. A ""wake up call"" that will leave you shining. Hand wrapped.

6 oz bar:  $5.99 

Item Number: KSC-7







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